Going on Holiday, Save on Energy!

It’s that time of year again, the festive season is upon us and summer is in full swing. Students are on holidays, companies are winding down and many of us take a well deserved break. If you are going away here are some handy tips to add to your holiday checklist.  These are simple things anyone can do to reduce their energy usage and save money while away. 

1. Switch off and unplug all your electrical devices.  Even when not in use, some appliances revert to a standby mode which still consumes electricity.  This will also protect your appliances in the event of a power serge or lightning strike.  Did you know the average home pays up to $165.00 (based on 17c/kWh), per year for electrical items left on standby.

2. Switch off all your lights. If there is no one home, you don’t need them on.  If you feel more secure leaving a light on while you’re away, timers are a good option to use in conjunction with a floor or table lamp. One of the simplest ways to reduce energy in the home is to turn off lights when they are not needed. 

3. Turn down or switch off your hot water system while away.  For example; electric storage units use a lot of energy to keep water at a set temperature even when hot water is not in use.  Did you know the thermostat temperature should be set to 60 degrees for storage systems and 50 degrees for instantaneous systems?  Any hotter means energy is being wasted and lower could allow harmful bacteria to thrive.

4. Did you know a fridge uses more electricity in a year than any other appliance in your home?  This means you could save money when on holiday by simply turning off any additional fridges or freezers by transferring everything to a single fridge or freezer.  You should always turn off additional fridges and freezers when not required. 

5. Are you one of the lucky ones who have a pool or spa?  Pools and spas use considerable energy so be sure to check with your local pool maintenance specialist to see what you can turn off to reduce energy while away.  Using a pool cover can also reduce energy usage and cut evaporation by up to 50%.

So there you have it, a few handy hints I use before going away. 

Enjoy your holiday!  

The Naked Spark.

Providing you with helpful hints and tips that I’ve accumulated over my 15 years as an Electrician, reducing your energy consumption, saving you money and helping the environment! Join the conversation; leave your thoughts and ideas or email me to suggest ideas for my next blog.

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